A Garden Party

Courtesy Château Nour, Photo Xavier Pauwels
Courtesy Château Nour, Brussels / Photo Xavier Pauwels

Opening 4 September 6-10pm
Exhibition 5, 6, 7, 8 September 2-6pm

A group exhibition with Angélique Aubrit, Bianca Baldi, Ludovic Beillard, Delphine Deguislage, Hadassah Emmerich, Weixin Chong & Pauline Emond, Dimitri Fagbohoun, Juan Pablo Plazas, Glenn Sanders, VIAGER, Tatiana Wolska, Guy Wouete
Curated by Clovis XV, Komplot, Mosso, Rectangle, SUPERDEALS

EN : The title A Garden Party is reminiscent of the party scenes in chic gardens. The very idea of ​​the garden party is a story of the bourgeoisie who could afford to have a garden and eat outdoors… For whom nature was not just a working tool but could be a decoration. The garden of Château Nour that will welcome this exhibition inside and outside is quite the opposite, it is a meeting place for various communities.

FR : Le titre A Garden Party est évocateur de scènes de fête dans des jardins un peu chic. L’idée même de la fête dans le jardin relève d’une histoire de la bourgeoisie qui pouvait se permettre d’avoir un jardin et de manger en extérieur… Pour qui la nature n’était pas juste un outil de travail mais pouvait être un décor. Le jardin de Château Nour qui va accueillir cette exposition en intérieur et extérieur est tout le contraire, il est un lieu de rencontre pour différentes communautés.

NL : De titel A Garden Party doet denken aan feesttaferelen in chique tuinen. Het idee van het tuinfeest is een verhaal van de burgerij die het zich kon veroorloven om een ​​tuin te hebben en buiten te eten… Voor wie de natuur niet alleen een werktuig was, maar ook een decor. De tuin van Château Nour die deze tentoonstelling zowel binnen als buiten zal verwelkomen, is precies het tegenovergestelde, het is de plaats van ontmoeting van verschillende gemeenschappen.

Courtesy Château Nour, Brussels

9 August Opening


Marsha Silchenko, Aline Rainer, Boris Kurdi
Live set by Björn Eichhorn
Reading by Aline Rainer

I know that my tree won’t live for more than a week
I know that my tree, in this city, is hopeless
but I spend all my time with it.
I’m bored with all my other things
It seems that this tree is my house
It seems that this tree is my friend
I planted the tree x2

I know that tomorrow my tree might be broken by a schoolkid
I know that my tree might soon leave me
But while it’s here, I’m always next to it
With it I’m joyful, with it I’m full of pain
It seems that this is my world
It seems that this is my son.
I planted the tree x2

« The Tree » by Viktor Tsoi, Kino

Я знаю- мое дерево не проживет и недели,
Я знаю- мое дерево в этом городе обречено,
Но я все свое время провожу рядом с ним.
Мне все другие дела надоели,
Мне кажется, что это мой дом,
Мне кажется, что это мой друг.

Я посадил дерево, я посадил дерево,
Я посадил дерево, я посадил дерево.

Я знаю- мое дерево завтра может сломать школьник,
Я знаю- мое дерево скоро оставит меня,
Но, пока оно есть, я всегда рядом с ним.
Мне с ним радостно, мне с ним больно.
Мне кажется, что это мой мир,
Мне кажется, что это мой сын.

Я посадил дерево, я посадил дерево,
Я посадил дерево, я посадил дерево

« Дерево » Виктор Цой, КИНО

Château Nour

23 April
Grand Opening
Participative Logo Design

26 April
Elektronisch Volume Concert

27 April
Workshop Institut de la vie & Projet de cohésion sociale Albert

3 May
Dans Ces Flaques Inquiètes Où Elle Tourne Sans Cesse /
In These Worried Puddles Where She Incessantly Spins

Book Launch by Roxanne Maillet & Laure Vigna 
Music by Barbara Quintin & Ernesto Sartori

18 May
Films and lectures by Théodore Atrokpo, Dimitri Fagbohoun, Sophie de Langloy & Pablo Béla Janssen
Curated by mòsso

1 June
Opening Carnet de voyage en Gẹlẹdẹ by Stephan Goldrajch
Conference on Gẹlẹdẹ masks by Théodore Atrokpo
Exhibition until 8 June
Curated by mòsso

8 June
Concert by Ericamour Yovogan & Quentin Nicolaï
Curated by mòsso

6 June
How do we listen?
Curators Anonymous #2
Listening sessions with David Bernstein, Sonia Dermience, Philippine Hoegen (film about the Brussels art scene Crossed Wired) and Sue Spaid + discussion and reflection moment, defining next steps for Curators Anonymous with your hosts for the evening Louise Osieka and Evelyn Simons.

Let’s have a look at the motive of the blind leading the blind, and have a look at ourselves, and our position within the art world. In the conflictual economic ecosystem that we consider our professional field, precarity is constantly lurking around the corner. General frustrations often arise, and good intentions risk turning into worst practices, resulting in a polarised and competitive working environment.

From our first assembly, we’ve noticed a variety of agendas willing to be tackled. Rather than singling some of them out, we’re opting for a different approach. Embracing the hybridity that makes up curatorial work in Belgium, we want to create a common ground in which we can share experiences, resources, help and support. A hybrid group in which all of the aforementioned concerns can resonate. Consider Curators Anonymous a bottom-up catalysator for a more liveable visual arts field in Belgium. But first, let’s have a collective listening session to incorporate tools on how we can make this happen.

June Artist Residency
Ronny Szillo & Marian Luft
15 June 7 – 10pm
Exhibition opening
When Hurricanes are Coming People Tend to Drink more Beer
Curated by Clovis XV

Handling all plastic forms with decomplexion, Ronny Szillo and Marian Luft are on the borders of a post-digital world and its anticipated reification.
Drawing their shapes from ultra-connected objects, they twist them to the point of sublimating them, without sacralizing them.
Everything is then material and a pretext for metamorphosis in an environment where the interfaces have an irreversible influence on the human body.

22 June 12am – 10pm
A Summer Solstice Dream
To celebrate the shortest night and the longest day of the year, during this ephemeral enchanted time in a magical garden, the artists Buenos Tiempos, Int., Clémentine Coupau, Iyas D-Toth, Pauline Emond, Arnaud Eubelen, Gaillard & Claude, Jean-Paul Jacquet, Omar Merini, Dylan Proisy, Lieselotte Vloeberghs will take you on a dreamlike journey. In the summer light floating between day and night, the works will revolve around the organic landscape between earth and sky. An improvisational radio program will guide you through the exhibition and shakespearean-like dream. Curated by Komplot

29 June 7pm
Artist Talk and Exhibition
 by Eli Cortinas
In this first Perruche situation at Chateau Nour, the artist Eli Cortiñas talks about her latest artistic research and video works : Collage-like video essays and installations mix found imagery with documentary strategies.  Eli Cortiñas’ film works engage with the language of cinema, its structures and historicity, as well as with elements of pop culture. The artist is particularly interested in locating and revealing societal behavior patterns, structures, and role models in family, culture, religion and politics.  The event is part of the PERRUCHE Program by Goethe Institute Brussels, curated by Jana J. Haeckel.

Candy Shop Chez Madeleine

July 1- 7, curated by SUPERDEALS

‘A new space, recently inaugurated, Chateau Nour will host Madeleine for a week. And Madeleine, in her turn, true to its essence, will host artists and events, attracting to the new space the audience that follows its happenings and shows in Brussels. At the same time, a completely new element will appear in the Madeleine agenda now. The series of events, concerts, happenings, performances and one-night exhibitions by so many artists in the previous spaces were, in fact, VanUytven’s (Madeleine’s) permanent artwork, layers in a collage of events, but his physical artworks never appeared there, nor did he perform. This time, however, in Chateau Nour, he will be one of the performers and will also exhibit his candy-paintings.

The element of Madeleine’s performance will be there in two forms. One is the actual building up, the process of making the show. While the Grand Opening is scheduled for the 4th of July (Independence Day – a symbolic date for an independent art project) and the closing day will be the 7th of the month, installing will start on July 1st, and anyone interested will be welcome and be there, participate in the process of the making, which will thus become a kind of performance on its own. The other performance is on the 4th, when VanUytven will pay personal-artistic tribute to Gordon Matta Clark in a major act related to the architecture of exhibition space.

In the space opened now by Madeleine, three other artists, Vinco Zierowan, Sarah Drapeau, Neil Brookes and Aeme Jaeme will also present their actions on the 4th of July.’

Except of a text by Zsolt Kozma (Art of Care, curator, consultant on the Chez Madeleine project)

17 – 25 July
Komplot School Of Curating Exhibition

Curated by Usua Argomaniz, Camille Godin, Ariane Guyon, Beatrice Van Caillie

July-August Artist Residency
9 August
Opening Exhibition
Maria Silchenko, Aline Rainer, Boris Kurdi
Live set by Björn Eichhorn
Reading by Aline Rainer
Curated By Komplot

August Artist Residency
Weixin Chong
& Pauline Emond Open Studio 21-28 August
Curated by Komplot

29 August
Bruno Theron Curated by SUPERDEALS

4 – 8 September
Gallery Weekend Opening
A Garden Party

Curated by Clovis XV, Komplot, mòsso, Rectangle, SUPERDEALS

September Artist Residency
Lieselotte Vloeberghs
Curated by Komplot
Max Fouchy Curated by Clovis XV

October Artist Residency
Benjamin Verhoeven & Merzedes Sturm-Lie
Curated by Komplot

November Artist Residency
Open Call Curated by SUPERDEALS
Susanna Starck & Andrew Black Curated by Komplot